Maps by CHC Salzburg

What's this about?

CHC developed a simple solution to display maps on the web. Being part of a public organisation, the University of Salzburg, and working within a number of projects that receive public funding, we belief it is our duty to make our work publicly available.

If you have a website and would like to display information on a map, we can provide you with the necessary technology and corresponding map files.

What kind of maps are available?

At the moment we are preparing a set of basic maps of the entire mediterranean area. The maps show only terrain and waters. We are currently working on making them available online.

In addition to these maps, there are several random maps that were created for specific projects. While these maps may be less versatile, we still plan to provide them for use by others.

Please note that this website is still work in progress. See our list of currently available maps.

Maps for what purpose?

We are mainly working in the fields of archaeometry and archaeology. So colleagues that deal with related issues might find our maps useful. Also in other cases of academic use the enourmous amount of features und content provided by outstanding services like Google Maps might turn out to be counterproductive to display the specific information. If you like to display a set of medieval castles for example, you might find modern motorways a little inappropriate...

What information can I display?

At the moment, our map engine supports markers with tags. The markers are links to further information. The marker locations can be provided by a static text file or can be read dynamically from your database.

What about the copyrights?

All maps were produced by CHC and can be used based on creative commons.

How can I contact you?

If you have any suggestions, want further information or simply want to report a problem, feel free to send an email to